Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sugar, Sugar

So I've been trying lately to keep this blog just about food, and not as much about me.  But my pal Anne over at Your Kind of Salad tagged me for Sugar Doll Blogger Questionnaire and I thought it might be fun.  So here are 10 random completely non-food related facts about me.

1. I'm sort of double-jointed in my shoulders.  They pop out of place and I can put my arm behind my head way further than I should be able to.  I used to freak my mom out with it when I was a kid, and it makes some yoga poses kind of tough.  That's my stupid human trick.

2. I'm an only child.  Sometimes I act like it.  My best friend Lucy is also and only child and we've adopted each other as sisters.
3. I'm kind of a slob and I hate cleaning.  Luckily I married Felix Ungar.

4. During my life, my hair has been long, short, really short, blond, red and brown.  2 years ago I discovered my natural color for the first time in 15 years.  Its light brown with a little red in it and I like it. I realized I shouldn't need to put chemicals in my hair to be pretty.
I think this is my favorite look.  I cut the bangs myself...
I'm so badass.

5. I'm a really bad dancer.  But I'm an enthusiastic dancer.

6.  I love country music.  Boot-scootin, honky tonk, cheesy, sappy country music.  I lived down south for a couple years after college, and country music followed this Yankee back home.  Country music and shrimp and grits.
Oops, I promised no food. 

7. I was a musical theater geek from age 8 through high school.  My big break was as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar my junior year.  Those are the kinds of roles you get at an all-girls catholic school.

8.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Partly because its the day after my birthday, but I also love dressing up and coming up with creative costumes.
Lucy & Ethel (and naked guy?)

Margot & Richie Tenenbaum

Ali G & Elle Driver

Carrie & Tippy Hedren


The Bride of Frankenstein & my Zombie Maid of Honor

9. Appropriately, I also love vampires and spiders.  Spiders I just think are so cool.  I love it when huge ones set up residency on our patio.  And when I find one in the house I usually try to catch it and put it outside.

I've had a thing for vampires since my early teens - I think its Brad Pitt's fault.  
I was obsessed with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and I'm quite pleased at the resurgence of sexy vampires in pop culture.  Derek is less than thrilled.
10.  Speaking of Derek, on November 25, 2009 I married the love of my life.  A few interesting facts about him are that he is very funny, cynical, reliable, pragmatic, watches lots of cycling, once had a mustache for 24 hours, can't watch horror movies, and used to be in a break dancing crew called the Soul City Rockers.  His "street" name was Speedy D.

Ok, Jess - tag, you're it!
You too, Carissa!  Tag!


  1. Okay now I understand why this post took you two days. I really never thought you would do this but I am so happy you did. What's amazing is we spend at least 8 hours together 5 days a week and I just learned so much about you! Country music, what? Twilight Series? Double-jointed? Spiders? WHAT? Love it.

  2. well isnt this fun. I love the pictures. and you with blonde hair.

  3. Agreed, I LOVED this post!! When are all going a honky tonkin'??? And I love the Derek fun facts :)

  4. Thanks, ladies! I loved reading all your random facts, too!

  5. The Tenebaum costume ROCKED. Halloween Pageant ACTIVATE!