Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Last night's dinner was based around this little guy.

A pretty little lemon cucumber. This does not taste like a lemon at all, but it does look like one. Its round and yellow with a wrinkly skin and is a bit sweeter than a conventional cucumber. I thought it would be the perfect addition to this broccoli crunch salad I found on 101 Cookbooks. The recipe calls for chopped red onion, which I'm not a fan of raw in anything. It also called for fried shallots, which I didn't have either. But the lemon cucumber was a delicious fresh addition.

I love the dressing on this, made with almond butter, lemon juice, and a little honey. It was a sweet/tart/creamy combo that worked really well over the crunchy vegetables.

With the salad, I grilled a piece of wild salmon brushed with mayo mixed with lime juice and chipotle.

I also grilled some corn with the same flavoring.

A delicious meal of fresh summer produce!

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