Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Again

It was so nice to sleep in my own bed last night! And to be back to a somewhat normal eating regimen. I'm gong to try to eat as much veggies as I can this weekend before I head to LA next week.

The Fiance wondered if I'm going to mention what I do for work on my blog - I work for an advertising agency and produce TV commercials. So the traveling I do is mostly to shoot and edit commercials. I was actually shooting food last week! I don't travel a ton - but its becoming more frequent as I work on bigger projects. And I'm definitely going to have to figure out how to balance the travel with healthy, clean living!

So, as I expected I opened up an empty fridge this morning. Luckily I had the fruit I stole from set yesterday. For breakfast I packed some tupperware with the last of a tub of nonfat plain Stonyfield Farms yogurt, some Kashi Go Lean cereal, and a plum. Also brought an orange for a snack. Here it is un-assembled in my kitchen...

And mixed together at work...

I also had my morning cup of earl grey with skim milk. I keep a big mug at my desk so I don't have to use the paper cups at the office. Also have a stash of Trader Joe's Earl Grey in my desk, but drink the company supplied Lipton sometimes too.

I took my morning vitamins, that I try to take every day but don't always succeed. I take a multi, B Complex (to make up for the lack of red meat in my diet), and D (aids in the absorption of Calcium - and I don't get much from the sun!).

Normally I bring my lunch to work, but there just wasn't anything at home for me to pack today. I try to transport all my food in re-usable containers, not sandwich bags or plastic wrap. Sometimes I use tin foil but I usually re-use it multiple times! I don't like to bring home piles of dirty tupperware, so I try to wash all my dishes at work and keep a dish towel at my desk to dry them. Saves paper towels! Here are my clean breakfast dishes and my towel.

I drink water all day long and always have to have my 32oz (BPA free!) Nalgene with me. So, for lunch I ventured all the way down to the first floor of my building to get Cosi's "signature light" salad.

This salad has mixed lettuce, pears, red grapes, dried cranberries, pistachios, blue cheese, and a light sherry vinaigrette. The salad also comes with a piece of whole wheat Cosi flatbread - its really tasty but definitely covered in salt and oil. Whenever I buy lunch, I don't get it in a bag or take napkins and utensils. No need to waste the paper bag when I'm just carrying it up to my office. And I keep a cloth napkin and re-usable utensils at my desk to use for all my meals. I'll also wash out this plastic salad container and recycle it!

I'll be eating the orange in a bit as an afternoon snack. Then I'm going to the grocery store after work to stock the fridge for the weekend!

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