Monday, February 23, 2009

Stuffed in NYC

I've been in New York half a day and I am sufficiently stuffed! After getting off the train, we checked into our hotel in Times Square. Some of my travel companions have neon lights outside their windows, but luckily I just have buildings.

From our hotel we headed to the studio we'll be working in all week. They had a late lunch waiting for us.

I had half a smoked salmon sandwich with dill cream cheese, half an egg salad sandwich, and a scoop of very garlicy pesto pasta salad. All was very tasty.

For dinner, the 6 of us who are here went to a restaurant I read about in Vogue, in an article written by Jeffrey Steingarten on family run restaurants on the lower east side. One of the other restaurants I wanted to try from this article is already closed! Tough time to open a restaurant.

This place was tiny, sat around 30 people. The restaurant is called Prune:

Not the most appealing name for a restaurant, but the food was great! Our waitress told us that the name is actually the owner's daughter's nickname - "prune" in french translates to "little plum," which is much cuter.

We started with a bunch of appetizers for the table.

On my plate is a hunk of spanish goat cheese, an anchovy with marcona almonds, some sardine with mustard on half a triscuit, and radishes. One of the women I was with ordered fried sweetbreads, but didn't realize they weren't "bread." Only one other person at our table seemed to know what they actually were and shot me a look that said "don't tell her." I just said they were meat.

For my entree I had prawns with roasted cauliflower. They were delicious but very messy and lots of work to get them all out of their shells! I think I may have burned all the calories in them just digging out those little chunks of shrimp. I also had about a glass and a half of red zinfandel with dinner.

Not pictured are the 3 desserts we ordered to share. I managed to limit myself to a bite each of peach melba, ginger cake, and chocolate semifredo. Well, maybe 2 bites of the chocolate.

We're not leaving the hotel until 9AM tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can hit the fitness center in morning.
Off to bed...

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