Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Last Supper

We're supposed to head home from New York today, if all goes as planned, so last night was my last huge glutunous meal!  For a few days at least.  I head to LA on Monday, so it will be back to eating out all the time.  But I'm hoping to at least spend the weekend eating normal healthy food.

Last night we went to yet another great restaurant.  And small, rustic Italian place called Il Buco:

They had a small list of entrees, and a large selection of seasonal appetizers. Of the mutliple appetizers we ordered, I had a wedge of radiccio pizzette, some butternut squash polenta, and a piece of grilled octopus with a chickpea and fennel salad:

As you can see the restaurant was again very dark. Didn't get great pictures of the food - or of Kirsten Dunst sitting at the next table! She was sitting facing me right over the shoulder of the woman I was sitting across from. It was hard not to stare. She's actually quite cute in person. We couldn't tell if she was drinking a cocktail or not (I think she recently went through rehab). I think it was a soda. I had 2 glasses of red wine. I am not in rehab.  Yet.

My entree was probably the best thing I've eaten all week (and I've eaten a lot!). Ricotta and spinach gnocchi with sautted mushrooms. The gnocchi was so light and fluffy - like little pillows. The dish was a tad salty, but still amazing.  Even though it doesn't look that way in my picture.

Dessert was again an unpictured feast. Chocolate tort, biscotti, roasted fruit, and mango sorbet. The roasted fruit was my favorite - it had figs and kumquats roasted in wine with marscapone. Yum!

I got back on the treadmill this morning. 3 miles at 6MPH. I haven't gotten any strength training in this week, the cardio has really been my priority with all the calories I've been consuming! I normally don't worry too much about calories - I think focusing of the quality of food is more important than the quantity. I think those 100 calorie packs of food they sell are the worst! Most of them are 100 calories of pure crap that's not going to fill you up and will spike your blood sugar leaving you even hungrier later. Eat an apple, people! There's also more packaging than actual food in those things. Anyway - I do think this week has been excessive for me in terms of calories. But the food has all been so amazingly good - it feels worth it. We'll see if the scale agrees when I get home!

This morning I had the same breakfast as yesterday.

Nonfat greek yogurt, grapenuts, and lots of fruit. And earl grey with skim. Particularly good cheese spread today.

I'm a big cheese lover. I've sampled a few.

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  1. It was a shirley temple! Now quit staring at me!