Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kale and Wine

The two main components of dinner tonight! And not just the wine I'm drinking. As a pre-dinner snack, I made some kale chips using a huge bunch of kale that I got at the store yesterday. I removed the center ribs from half the kale and left the leaves whole. Then brushed them with EVOO and salt & pepper and roasted them on 2 baking sheets at 250ยบ for 25 - 30 minutes.

These were a tasty snack! Really crunchy and salty. Definitely a good way to use kale, which isn't the tastiest vegetable out there, but is ridiculously good for you. For dinner - more kale! I chopped and braised the rest with white wine and vegetable broth. I also made a Warm Tomato Dressing from Martha Stewart Living made with red wine, and served that over baked polenta rounds and roasted pollock.

Now I'm eating my nightly piece of dark chocolate with...more red wine! We'll be heading out soon to meet our friends.
Have a good night!

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