Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Run Gretchen Run

Last night I ran the Milton Junior Women's Club 10K road race - my first race since high school cross country! And it was actually a lot of fun! It was cool and rainy all day yesterday, which I was a little nervous about, but it ended up being perfect running weather. I ran faster than I have in any of my training. All those people and the adrenaline of running a race definitely kept me going. I ran the race in just over 56 minutes, which is a little more than a 9 minute mile. I usually run about a 10 minute mile so I was psyched with my time! Derek was there to cheer me on and document me crossing the finish line.  Go #120!

I smiled for the camera. And the big finish!

Liz and Jane ran the race with me, although they both totally kicked my ass. Jane ran it in 51 minutes and Liz was right behind her and just over 51. I'm so impressed because this was Jane's first race too! They both rocked it. After the race we all went back to Jane's house. Liz and I showed off our numbers.

Then dove in to the feast Jane had prepared for us - we needed to refuel!

Jane made shrimp and chicken satay with a delicious peanut sauce, along with a big fresh salad with goat cheese and warm crusty rolls.

This was just my first round. I went back for more shrimp and salad. Jane also made my cherry buttermilk cake, and one with raspberries, which was what the original recipe called for. I was too busy devouring them to get a picture, but they were both great!

I'm surprisingly not too sore today, and feeling really good about my first race experience. Next up, I have the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 5K on June 25, and then my big 8 miler in Stowe, VT on July 19. Lots more running to come!

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