Friday, May 29, 2009

2 Days

I'm 2 days behind! Mostly because I haven't taken too many inspirational photos with my new best friend (aka the new Canon), so I've been less excited to share them. And because I haven't actually cooked anything! A quick rundown of the past 2 days of food.

Oats with banana, greek yogurt, berries, and chopped nectarine.

Spinach and veggie salad with a piece of cornbread from Blue Ribbon BBQ.

Grilled cheese from Delux, made with aged gouda and tarragon mustard.

More banana oats with greek yogurt and strawberries.

And a special sushi lunch yesterday!

Liz and I went to Sakurabuna and shared a spicy scallop roll, rainbow roll, alligator roll with shrimp tempura, eel, and avocado, and a salmon and avocado roll. Last night's dinner was more Asian food, but I didn't get any pictures. We went to Pho Republique and I had a big dish of Thai Basil Tofu.

I"m getting ready to meet my friend Jane to run the course of the 10K we'll be racing in a week. I just had a light breakfast for fuel.

Nonfat yogurt with 1 sliced banana, cinnamon, and pecans. Happy Saturday!

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