Thursday, May 7, 2009

I thought the showers were supposed to be in April?

And May was just for flowers! Well, I do have some pretty flowers in my little yard.

But the showers do not seem to have stopped. Oh, well. At least I have Green Monsters!

I tried to smile in this photo, but that's tough to do that while drinking a Monster. They seem to be getting Greener as the week goes on - I guess I'm uping my kale quotient. I've also been adding 3 - 4 pieces of frozen pineapple to the almond milk, banana, flax seed, and kale mix. The pineapple adds a little sweetness, and a little more chill, which helps. Still loving these!

This healthy early morning snack was later offset by a very unhealthy late morning snack.

In a screening, I ate half an almond croissant. So good, but so bad. I actually had a little headache after this.

Lunch was - surprise! - spinach and black eyed pea salad.

The black eyed peas are definitely on their last legs. Which is probably good, cause I'm getting kind of sick of them. I had a few pieces of dried fruit for dessert.

I actually only ended up eating 2 apricots and a couple bites of the dried pineapple, cause I was kind of full.
I had a few nuts and goji berries later in the afternoon, along with another lovely organic anjou pear.
I keep my desk stocked with nuts, dried fruit, and Larabars, so whenever I'm craving something sweet or salty I have healthy options to satisfy me. So, I was STILL hungry after my pear, so before heading home to run I ate half a Cranberry Orange Pure Bar that Liz didn't want. The flavor of these isn't great - not nearly as yummy as Lara Bars.

For my run today I did something I have done since high school - a hill workout! I ran up and down 4 hills over on Beacon Hill (such a pretty area) and did a total of 3 miles. It was awesome! Pushing myself up those hills was actually fun. Is that crazy? It sure surprised me.

Dinner was leftovers, of course.

I heated up (I've been using that term a lot this week) shrimp and grits and roasted some asparagus and grape tomatoes. At least this dinner wasn't all brown!

For dessert, I was inspired by Abbie on Foods that Fit who made amazing looking raw "snickers" today. I decided to use her chocolate sauce recipe to make some raw "peanut butter cups." Here are my ingredients...

Raw Peanut Butter Cups
makes 4
1 Tbls coconut oil, melted
1 Tbls raw agave nectar
1 Tbls cacao powder
pinch of salt
drop of vanilla extract
4 pitted dates
raw almond butter
  • Whisk together first 5 ingredients until they form a thick sauce
  • Stuff dates with a dollop of almond butter
  • Coat dates in chocolate sauce
  • Chill in fridge 20 - 30 minutes
This brought my favorite new snack to a whole new level. Obviously, covering anything with chocolate makes it better! The sauce is a little on the sweet side, though. Next time I'd add a little less agave. Derek's enjoying it - he just poured it over vanilla ice cream.  Now I think I'm going back for another peanut butter cup...

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