Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still a Monster...Kind of Green...

Good evening! Been a little distracted by work and a talent show, so let's catch up, shall we? Last night for dinner I heated up some leftover shrimp and grits, and roasted some veggies.

The veggies included brussel sprouts, broccoli, and sunchokes.

This morning I made another green monster with almond milk, kale, 1 banana, flax seed meal, and a few pieces of frozen mango.

This one turned out much greener than yesterday!

I was juggling several projects this morning, and never got around to making my oats. Instead I snacked on some berries to hold me over until lunch.

Lunch was the same as yesterday - black eyed pea salad with spinach. And it missed the camera. Then it was off to my company talent show! We ended work early today to see our coworkers perform at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was fun - there's some real talent at my office! I had 2 UFO's at the show.
And some cheese and chips and salsa.

Dinner was, again, leftovers. Sorry my food hasn't been so exciting!

This was eggplant parm and linguine, and some roasted veggies. Pretty boring, but it hit the spot. As did the square of dark chocolate I just ate. Good night!

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