Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Back!

I decided to take a little vacation this weekend from blogging. I was on the Cape and the internets were being slow...and I was just being lazy. But I sure did a lot of eating this weekend! That's basically all I did. I'll give you the highlights reel. It includes lots of lobster!

We arrived on the Cape Saturday, and I was recruited to cook dinner. I made a risotto with in season fiddlehead ferns, shrimp, and lobster!

I also added lemon juice and chopped basil for some extra flavor. It was delicious.

For dessert we had cherries two ways.

I brought down the rest of my cherry buttermilk cake and my mother had made a cherry pie. We all had a sample of each with vanilla ice cream. I found out that my mom doesn't have a cherry pitter, and my grandmother pitted the cherries by hand for the whole pie! She kept complaining about the cherry juice under her fingernails. They need this handy tool!

The next morning my mom made a batch of strawberry banana buttermilk pancakes.

And for dinner we had my father's annual birthday lobster! His birthday was Monday, and it falls around Memorial Day and we always get a HUGE lobster. This year we got a 9.5 pounder.

Its totally hypocritical, but I just can't look at the live lobster before its cooked. Derek took this shot with me in the background trying to ignore it. Here's our birthday spread.

For dessert I made a huge, rich birthday cake. This is a coco buttermilk cake with chocolate malt butter cream and crushed malt balls on top and layered it between.

It was really heavy duty, but sooo good. I got the recipe from Dori Greenspan's Baking cook book, which I highly recommend. Its very comprehensive and every recipe I've tried has been great.

I didn't eat any of this, but I still wanted to share this beautiful red flannel hash with fried eggs that my dad made Monday morning.

The hash is made with potatoes, red peppers, and roast beef. Derek seemed to really enjoy it. I had a Greek omelet and an english muffin with peanut butter and pineapple ginger jam.

On our way home last night we picked up some local Chatham littleneck clams, and I made my garlicky Linguine with Clam Sauce.

As you can see, I was well fed this weekend!

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