Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Midweek Slump

Today was a pretty boring Wednesday - work wasn't too exciting (such a letdown after yesterday's talent show festivities!), and neither was my food. My blog is really suffering from this week of eating leftovers.

I started the day with another Green Monster, and tried to take an action shot.

If I'm drinking one of these every day, I have to find some way to mix up my photos! Late morning I ate my oats with berries.

And more black eyed pea salad with spinach for lunch.

After lunch I was having major chocolate cravings, and scrounged up this brownie leftover from a meeting.

It was pretty disappointing. Dry and kind of flavorless. I hate it when I eat treats like this and they're not worth it!

For a late afternoon snack, and I had an organic anjou pear with a few nuts and dried gogi berries.

Then after work I hit the gym! I've totally been slacking off on my 8 mile race training the past couple weeks. I've been getting runs in on the weekends, but haven't been making it to the gym or for runs outside during the week. I really need to start upping my mileage! I did 4 miles in 40 minutes, and I'm going to try to do 5 this weekend. Its so much easier for me to run longer distances outside than on the treadmill, and Saturday is supposed to be a nice day.

When I got home, Derek was still out on a bike ride and I was starving! I snacked on 2 dates stuffed with almond butter.
In a flash of inspiration, I added a little Nutella to each. Genius! A very sweet snack, though. My friend Liz had some dates the other day that didn't taste very good to me - I realized I've only had Medjool dates, and these are so much better. Sweet, soft, and plump. I'm totally hooked on them.

Tonight's parade of leftovers featured mushroom and spinach lasagna and roasted veggies.

Why do leftovers always end up brown? And for dessert...

Frozen banana pudding!

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