Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New York and Back

Since you last heard from me I've been to New York and back and eaten lots of delicious food! It started yesterday morning, with breakfast at home before I got on the train.

Along with my regular Green Monster, I had a slice of buckwheat walnut toast with spiced cashew butter and sliced strawberries, and 2 egg whites cooked in the micro with a little salt and pepper. And a cup of Earl Grey. With whole milk.

After the 4 hour train ride, we arrived in NYC to color correct some film for a spot I'm finishing. We had sushi at the color correct.

It was very dark in there - so we could see the film, not the food. I got a green salad with ginger dressing (I ordered it just for the dressing!), a spicy scallops roll, and a roll with eel, salmon, and avocado. Very tasty.

Dinner was out of this world. We went to a restaurant recommended by Scott of 53 Lunches. His blog has a list of his 53 favorite New York restaurants, and Elettaria is his #1. So of course, we had to try it! Scott was actually in NYC yesterday as well, and almost got to join us, but ending up coming home that evening. But his art director was able to join us, so it was me and 2 art directors. We talked a lot about cameras for my food photography!

Elettaria is Indian influenced cuisine, so the food had lots of interesting spices and some vegetables we'd never heard of. We studied the menu online all afternoon and kept having to look up the ingredients. Fenugreek? Keema? Papadum? All new to us!

To start I had a very interesting appetizer that I had not seen on the menu online.

This was a chickpea waffle topped with chickpeas and fava beans, ramps (love them!), a light yogurt sauce, and a DUCK egg. The duck egg was just barely cooked - it was very jiggly - so when I broke it open the yolk all ran and mixed with the rest of the sauce. I just love runny yolks! This was amazing!

My entree was fish, obviously.

Roasted halibut with Israeli couscous (think couscous but bigger), calamari, piquillo peppers, and some sort of very black sauce that I couldn't figure out what it was. It was all tasty, though! I liked this dish a lot, but I didn't love it as much as my dining companions loved their veal and rib eye.

Dessert was a different story I just had to try the milk donut with rose water, ginger custard, and chai gelato. I'm all about the chai spices lately!

This was The Best Donut Ever. Soft and airy inside, sweet and crisp outside. And I just loved the gelato. The boys both got the Chocolate Financier, which was a rich chocolate cake that came with a coffee cardamom pot de creme and salted chocolate gelato. I tried a couple bites and it was also out of control. Definitely will get this if I come back. I should say WHEN I come back, because I have to come back here some time.

I was so stuffed after this dinner. But, still woke up hungry this morning! We had an early train so I got an egg sandwich at a deli at Penn Station. This was my go-to breakfast sandwich when I lived it New York. They just do not have delis in Boston like they do there.

I ate half of my roll with egg, cheese and tomato before getting on the train, and the other half on the train. When we got back to Boston, we went straight to the video effects house we're working at. Its a beautiful day and they decided to grill on their roof deck for lunch!

We ate outside and I enjoyed a veggie burger with tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and ketchup with green salad and potato salad. There may have been a few salt and vinegar chips that missed the camera as well.

Ok, back to work!

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