Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kids and Food

Busy night last night - kids are exhausting! We went up to Derek's parent's house to babysit for his 1 and 3 year old nephews. First we checked out the Down: 2: Earth expo. We spent about an hour there and found some interesting stuff. The best discovery was this local company called Swap Tree. Its a site where you can trade media (books, DVDs, CDs) with other people and its very easy to use and fun. On our way back from the expo we stopped at the grocery store and Williams Sonoma to buy a mini muffin pan - it will come in handy shortly. When we got home, I cooked up some grilled cheese on 7-grain with cheddar, tomatoes, and mustard. With a little frisee, radicchio, and endive salad on the side.

Then I got to cooking. I used those mini muffin tins and made peanut butter and jelly cupcakes for the boys.

Justin, the 3 year old, is a very picky little eater and just licked the jelly off his. And I found out that the 1 year old is allergic to peanuts and eggs. Oh, well. My big boy liked them :)

I also made a batch of carrot macaroni and cheese, hoping to sneak some vegetables into the boys. Justin also wanted nothing to do with this and Derek had to make him a hot dog. The little one - also named Derek! - will eat everything and anything in sight and plowed through his mac and cheese.

I sauteed some asparagus. I wasn't really expecting the kids to eat this - it was more for us - but I figured it was worth a shot.

I have these fantasies of some day having kids who will eat all the delicately cooked organic local vegetables I serve them and love green things as much as we do - the more time I spend with Justin the more I realize this is pretty unlikely. We'll see - I'm sure our children will be exceptional :)

We did manage to do a pretty good job of getting the kids to go to sleep. And then did a good job of wearing us out so we passed out as soon as we got home. Poor Derek had to get up at 4:30 this morning to work all day - no fun. I got up and washed masses of dishes that I had left in the sink yesterday before running out to meet the boys. After that, I made a nice little breakfast.

A 2 egg omelet with with leftover asparagus and low fat cream cheese I bought for the peanut butter frosting. Cream cheese in eggs is something I picked up down south. Its especially good in scrambled eggs with basil. Makes them nice and creamy. I also finished off the last of the oatmeal date bread with some peanut butter and fig and ginger jam. Looking forward to my usual Sunday - going for a nice run, grocery shopping, preparing for my week!

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