Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Dessert?

Hello again. So for lunch today we got Legal Seafood at the record. I decided to go "light" and get a salad.
This was delicious but not exactly light. It had romaine, tortillas strips, apples, avocado, roasted red peppers, herbed goat cheese, and scallops with an orange chipotle vinaigrette. I had a warm roll on the side. Our session ended shortly after lunch, and I was in no big rush to get back to the office. The beautiful weather just makes me not want to work! I decided to take a detour and head over to J.P. Licks to try some of the Pinkberry style frozen yogurt I just heard about. But, when I got up to the counter, they told me they were out! I was so bummed! I couldn't exactly walk away and not order anything at that point. So I got a small cup of hard peanut butter yogurt with oreos.

This yogurt didn't taste at all like yogurt - like the stuff I was hoping to get, but it was very tasty. You could really taste the peanut butter - it reminded me a lot of the peanut butter frosting I made for my PB&J cupcakes. Shortly after I got back to the office, I was invited to celebrate my friend Holly's birthday - with more dessert!

This is a blurry slice of her dolce de leche birthday cake. It was vanilla and chocolate cake with a layer of dolce de leche in the middle. I ate all the cake except the frosting. I'm very particular about frosting, and this was just way too sweet and had no flavor. I totally had a sugar crash after this cake. Waaay too much sweets this afternoon.

I made a simple dinner, with mostly leftovers. I have a bit of a jello project going on in the kitchen, so I threw dinner together in a hurry.

I baked a piece of white fish (I honestly don't remember what it was - it was in the freezer) and then covered it in leftover pesto. I also heated up some orange mash and sauteed junior bok choy and shitake mushrooms with soy sauce and sesame seeds.

The jello project is something I'm helping Derek with for a shoot he's doing. I've had to submerge random things in jello before for a shoot I worked on - and he needed an experienced jello worker for a similar project. Very random, I know. I'll take some pictures if it come out!

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  1. The Jello project is really more for Cameron. He's a bit upset that he's not mentioned. And I split Jello all over the fridge this morning putting on the final layer. Oops