Monday, April 13, 2009

Record Time

Hello and happy Monday! I got to start my Monday a little later this morning, because I had a radio record session at the studio around the corner from my house that didn't start until 10AM. So I fixed myself a rare weekday breakfast at home.

I toasted one of my cousin's famous scones leftover from Easter and ate that with fig and ginger jam and a few dried plums (that sounds so much better than prunes, doesn't it?). I also tried a little experiment with egg whites. I've been reading on Eat Live Run about all these egg white fluffies that Jenna's been making, and I had some egg whites leftover from this weekend's cooking, so I decided to try it out. I greased a little ramekin with some butter (which kind of defeats the purpose of egg whites, I know) and poured in about 2 egg whites and sprinkled on some salt and pepper. I microwaved this for about 30 seconds and it got big and fluffy. Didn't taste like much - it is just egg whites, after all - but it was an easy way to add a little light protein to my breakfast.

At the recording session we ordered Thai food for lunch. I haven't had Thai in so long!

I got Shrimp Macadamia with brown rice. It had plump shrimp sauteed with mushrooms, baby corn, onions, green onions, snow peas, and macadamia nuts in a slightly sweet sauce. I ate all of it over about half the brown rice they gave me. It was definitely a smaller, lunch sized portion, which was perfect.

When I got back to my office after the session I was starving! I think it was because I ate lunch earlier than I'm used to. I needed something to munch on and didn't want to eat my afternoon snack yet. I found these in a drawer in my desk.

I got them as a free sample at my T stop last week. Blech. I wish I hadn't eaten them. They tasted like artificial chocolate flavored nothing. Which is basically what they are. I'm totally against these limited calorie packs of sugar crap. I can't believe I ate one! Worse than the ice cream cookie sandwich...

Anyway, I just redeemed myself with my real afternoon snack.

Carrots and celery with hummus. Much better and more substantial. Heading to the gym for a run shortly. Glad I got some real food to fuel me!

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