Thursday, March 12, 2009

And Home

Back home again! Curled up in my own bed ready to go to sleep. I am exhausted! These past few weeks really have taken a lot out of me. We skipped out of New York a little earlier than expected, and barely made the 6PM flight. I was hungry on the plane and found a Cranberry Nut Luna bar in the recesses of my backpack.

When I got home a little before 8, dinner was NOT waiting for me on the table, as I had instructed. And there wasn't much in the kitchen to cook, so we hit up our old standby, Delux. Delux is a funky, laid back dive bar a half a block from our house that is pretty much the only place we go out to. They serve really good, cheap food that is way better than most bar food (and even a lot of the overpriced fancy food in the South End, where we live). The menu changes seasonally, and its always exciting for us when there's a new menu. And the girls at the bar told us there's a new one coming out next week! Especially exciting because I'm not thrilled with the current menu - very few vegetarian options. BUT, the fish on the menu is really good, so that's what I ate.

Crispy pan seared salmon with and eggplant, olive, and caper caponata and sauteed spinach. It really tastes like something I would make at home. Also had a glass of white wine with dinner. And no dishes to wash!

Back in the office tomorrow, with a ton to catch up on. Oh, I so need a weekend!

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