Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Protein, Please

So lunch today was a little disappointing. I ordered a basamati rice Nicoise salad, assuming it would have tuna in it, like most Nicoise salads. But no, no tuna! No egg, no cheese, no protein!

It was tasty - rice with green beans, tomatoes, corn, onions and olives. But it just wasn't what I wanted! I ate about half and then went on a hunt for a much needed protein source. I managed to find something that made a nice little dessert.

This is about half a cup of low fat cottage cheese (12 grams protein - not bad!) with a few dried cranberries and a swirl of honey. I feel a little less light headed now!

Still not sure if I'm flying home tonight or tomorrow. If we go back tonight - dinner will likely be something we grab on the way to the airport!

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