Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forgive me, Fiance, for I Have Sinned

I have a confession to make. But first...brunch!

My beautiful grandmother lives in a retirement community about 45 minutes outside of Boston. She moved there about 6 years ago after living by herself in her big old house, and its been wonderful for her. She's become very social, participates in lots of activities, and is especially popular because she has a car and can drive. Its kind of like high school all over again! Here we are in her cute little apartment.

Her building has a nice dining room that serves a big Sunday brunch. I ate a lot! I'm actually still full. I had multiple plates.

My first plate was fruit, nonfat cottage cheese, and a piece of orange french toast.

Then baked scrod, steamed vegetables, sauteed leeks and tomatoes, and cheese ravioli. I ate about 2/3 of this. It was a lot! And THEN was dessert. Bread pudding, which I also ate about 2/3 of.
Overall, the food is good, but not amazing. Definitely good for old people food. My Nan said that the old people complain that the bread pudding has too many raisins. But I like raisins. I enjoyed it.

Nan lives off of Route 9, which has tons of stores and shopping plazas. After brunch I went to target and got a set of 3lb and 5lbs hand weights to use for my Shred. And then...I broke the rules. I went shopping at Whole Foods! I'm not allowed to go to Whole Foods. Its sooo expensive and sooo good that its very dangerous for me. I've gone in for a bag of barley and come out with $75 worth of cheese. Today was not an exception. I did not control myself. But I did get lots of great food! Check this out!

Some highlights of my shopping include these kumquats.

They're so yummy and different. You eat them with the skins on - the skin is sweet and the flesh is nice and tart. I also got some freshly ground brazil nut butter.

Brazil nuts are really good for you and this will be a nice alternative to my almond butter. I have to go do some work now :( Look for more special ingredients in tonight's dinner!

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