Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Cookin

So I had a ton to catch up on at work today and did not make it to the gym! I haven't been on the treadmill in over week - I'm feeling a bit sluggy. I still ate my afternoon pre-gym fuel though.

A piece of 7-grain bread with almond butter. Definitely held me over until dinner. Which was pure home cooked comfort food! I made 3 of my favorite things.

Roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes and pan seared scallops. I also served some remoulade on the side because I had some in the fridge - but the scallops were so sweet and tasty they really didn't need it. I just love scallops! And they're so easy to cook - you just need to cook them in a really hot pan for about a minute per side and not over crowd the pan, or else they'll steam and not sear and caramelize.

I just finished packing - AGAIN! I haven't even unpacked from LA and now I'm going back to New York tomorrow morning. I should just be there a couple days, if all goes as planned. I packed my sneakers and I'm really going to try to hit the gym at least once! For now - I'm going to catch up on Heroes and eat my evening square of dark chocolate.

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