Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Sorry for the delayed posting! Yesterday was busy, per usual, and I was rushing to get out of the office to go meet my friend Lucy. Work ended on a good note yesterday - actually made weeks of craziness worth it :)

I started off yesterday with yogurt and granola.

Nonfat greek yogurt, strawberries, a banana, and some granola crack.

And the same old wrap for lunch.

Avocado, tofu, peppers, cabbage, pickled onions, and pea sprouts. I promise I will have new lunches next week!

My afternoon snack was an apple with lowfat cheese - same as yesterday. Remember what that looked like?

After work I met my best friend Lucy at Marliave for drinks. She suggested this sort of last minute and I was thrilled! We haven't gone out for drinks in ages! Marliave is near my office, and I've been wanting to try it since it re-opened. Its got an old school 20s era vibe, with classic food and cocktails. We sat at the bar and I started with a Boston Tea Party made with tequila, earl grey tea, ginger beer, and lemon juice. Some of my favorite things! Then I had two of these puppies:

A Yellow Journalism made with pear eau-de-vie, some kind of licqour, prosecco, and lemon juice. 2 tart drinks. And today I have a headache. Of course we ended up eating dinner along with our drinks. The food was quite good. The pictures I took - when I remembered to take them - were not. We started off with half a dozen Rhode Island Moonstone oysters and steamed mussels in a rich broth with tomatoes. This shellfish extravaganza went undocumented. Then we shared an entree of crispy trout with spinach, capers, and sauteed shrimp.

The capers added a nice saltiness and the shrimp were huge and delicious!

After our 3 cocktails we were much more inclined to peruse the dessert menu. We shared the flourless chocolate cake with mint ice cream.

The ice cream actually didn't taste anything like mint - we think they forgot to add it in. Put it was still a nice compliment to the amazing, warm, gooey chocolate cake. Yum! After all the eating, drinking, and chatting I didn't end up getting home until 11PM - past my bedtime! But it was a lovely Friday night and so great to have some girl time with Lu. Now I'm headed into the kitchen to make some much needed pancakes!

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