Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where's the pot of gold?

I totally jinxed myself by bragging about what a manageable work day I had yesterday! Today was busy and stressful. I was working on a very tedious project this afternoon, and my lovely coworker Danielle brought us some chocolate chip cookies to make it more manageable. I had one - they were small!

It definitely helped! Later in the afternoon I had a banana and almond butter.

I didn't leave work until almost 8PM, so dinner was a little later than I'd hoped. Derek helped by cooking the fish and potatoes.

This was another Irish fusion meal! This time it was Asian/Irish. Roasted white fish (I honestly can't remember what kind of fish I bought!) with soy sauce and ginger, sauteed baby bok choy with toasted sesame seeds and sesame seed oil, and masked yukon gold and sweet potatoes with a little hoisin sauce. And, of course, and Guinness for St. Patrick's Day!

Definitely feeling more relaxed now - after that nuts day. I just had a piece of dark chocolate and a few dried cherries. And I'll be ready for bed soon. Good night!

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