Sunday, March 8, 2009

I've been a bad blogger...

Phew! What a crazy week! I was so busy in LA this week, I barely had time to sleep, let alone blog. But never fear, I did find time to do plenty of eating. Not only did we go to lots of fancy dinners, we were also served amazing craft service and catering on set all week. I don't think I'd ever really want to live in LA - but the food is definitely my style! There were so many fresh, healthy options. I was seriously eating constantly! I managed to get a snap of one of our catered lunches:

Obviously, this is a very full plate of grilled salmon, brown rice, salad, asparagus, grilled endive, and ratatouille. This was the general trend of the week.

So I'm also a bad food blogger because most of what I've managed to post for the past week is airport food! In an attempt to get back on track, here is my airport breakfast that I had before hopping on the plane back to Boston.

Oatmeal with dried fruit. Behind it is something I haven't had in years - a caramel latte. I very rarely drink coffee, but I was so exhausted this morning I decided to have this treat. It was yummy, but I'm definitely still a tea girl.

I flew Virgin America back from LA and they actually have a not bad selection of food you can buy.

This salad has lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, chickpeas and cheese. Not bad for airplane food. I also had an unpictured ginger snap flavored Larabar on the flight.

So I just got home and I am so glad to be back! I just threw together a pasta dish from whatever I could find in the kitchen.

This has enriched rotini, chopped grape tomatoes, peas, spinach, garlic, oil-packed tuna, white wine, and splash of cream. With grated parmesan over the top. It was a big plate of food, but I was hungry and ate it all! Now, I am very ready to crash. I have to go back to New York for a couple days this week, but I think I will still be on a much more normal schedule. Hoping to actually get some exercise in!

Now, to get ready for Monday...

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