Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Good morning! Last night we had an excellent dinner based on the recommendation of Scott at 53 Lunches.  Scott is a serious foodie and fellow producer who started 53 Lunches after our office moved to a new area of Boston a year ago.  He started going to a different new lunch spot every day, and blogging to share his experiences with the rest us.  Since he also travels often, he's added restaurant recommendations for many of the cities we all frequent.  He's got a great little map of all the New York options, so I found a place that looked good near our hotel, Wallse.  They serve Austrian food, with a modern American twist.  Some of my dining companions were a little skeptical when I told them it was an Austrian restaurant.  But I assured them that Scott would not steer us wrong!

I started with artichoke soup with basil.

I was a little surprised at the color - artichokes and basil are green so I thought the soup would be! But this was a very flavorful broth (probably not vegetable broth, but I'm pretending that it was) with slivers of shaved artichokes floating in it and drops of basil oil. Quite tasty. My entree was steamed halibut with mushrooms, dill, and "local" cucumbers.

I'm skeptical about where they're getting local cucumbers in New York in March. But the dish was very good. It came with a side of pureed potatoes that were sweet and creamy. I had a few scoops with the dill sauce, and ate about 2/3 of the halibut.

Of course, we had to have dessert! The best one we ordered...Mozartkugel!

I had no idea what this was when we ordered it, but it involved chocolate so it couldn't be bad. It was sort of a dense chocolate mouse ball filled with sweet cream and crunchy pistachios. Amazing! We also got a tasty apple crumble with salted caramel ice cream. It tasted like apple pie!
There's a big dried apple piece on top of it. And of course, I had a glass of red wine with dinner. There were big intimidating paintings of the Austrian chef all over the restaurant and we kept talking about how he looked like a scary guy.  But he actually came and greeted us after the meal and he was very friendly!  Overall, everyone really enjoyed this Austrian caloriefest.

So after all this food, I finally made it onto the treadmill this morning! This was the first time in a week and a half - and it was definitely tough getting going. I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes. Feeling pretty good now, but I think I'll be sore later.

We just had breakfast at the editorial company - most of what they have out is bagels and muffins. I found a cabinet full of cereal and mixed Kashi Vive, Bare Naked Banana Nut Granola and Fruit and Nut Granola with some skim milk.

I would have liked more protein this morning, especially after my run. But hopefully I'll get some in at lunch!

Until then...Happy Hump Day!

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