Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off again

Back on an airplane again this morning! Luckily this was just a quick flight to New York. I couldn't mar my precious blog with any more airport food, so I had a very early breakfast this morning before I left to catch the 8AM shuttle.

This lovely bowl of oats consists of Bob's Red Mill 5 Grain Cereal, 1 tsp of wheat germ, a splash of skim milk, a glob of almond butter, 1 chopped apple, and a few chopped dried cherries. Along with my cup of earl grey with skim. This was very filling, which was good. I wouldn't be eating for a few more hours at least.

We're headed to New York to edit the TV spots we've been shooting the past couple weeks. Its so cool to see everything come together after all the hard work! When we arrived at the editorial company, I had half a banana walnut muffin to hold me over until lunch, and my third cup of tea (I had 1 at the airport as well - just couldn't bare to post it!).

When it came time to order lunch, my boss was looking at the menu and said, "this looks like a Gretchen salad!" It definitely was and was of course what I ordered.

Roasted beets with walnuts, chickpeas with spinach, quinoa, and mixed greens. This was a delicious combo of some of my greatest hits!

Gearing up for a big dinner tonight - I have to come up with someplace good for us to go!

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