Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hungry Girl

For some reason, I am SO hungry today! I'm also really tired, despite getting a decent amount of sleep - so maybe that's why I'm hungry. Or it could be because I ate a huge dinner last night and my stomach got all stretched out and wants more food. We tried to go to The Spotted Pig for dinner. I've heard great things about this restaurant and really want to try it. But it was very busy in there and an hour wait for a table. And we didn't feel like waiting. So we went to an unassuming little Spanish place called El Faro that had been recommended to us. It was a casual, quiet little place that we probably wouldn't have tried if we hadn't been told about it. But it was really good! Felt more like (Spanish) home cooking than fine dining. We started with a couple tapas.
We ordered manchego cheese and some spinach croquettas. I love manchego! Its a sharp sheep's milk cheese and one of my favorites. But this was a lot of appetizer for 2 of us. They also brought us a big plate of house made potato chips that were awesome. For our entrees, we both ordered paella. Mine was all seafood - and huge! We probably could have ordered one and shared it, not one for each of us. I tried to eat a lot of the seafood and didn't make a big dent in the rice. It barely looked like I'd eaten anything when I was done!

It was very tasty - the seafood was super fresh and perfectly cooked - but I thought it could have used a little more saffron flavor.

This morning I got up early and ordered room service! A big plate of fresh fruit with organic fat free plain yogurt.

I ate all the berries and most of the pineapple. Didn't eat much of the melon - I'm not a big melon person.

We took off on an 8AM shuttle back to Boston, and headed straight to the office. I was starving again when I got there! Maybe this breakfast just wasn't enough for me. I had a Weil bar around 10AM.

Kind of like a banana nut muffin? Not really. This just has dates, dried bananas, and almonds.  It hit the spot, but now I'm starving again! I don't have a lunch packed for me today so I'm going to have to buy something. I suspect it will be a big sandwich. And maybe a cookie.

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