Friday, March 27, 2009

Sushi for Two

Good evening! I had very high hopes of getting to the gym tonight, but I really should have known better. I didn't leave work until 8:45. Oh, well. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am definitely getting a run in. In the afternoon, I snacked on one of Dr. Weil's bars.

While working into the early evening I also had a beer, a few pretzels, and a handful of goldfish. Those escaped my camera. Dinner was definitely not being cooked tonight, so I picked up sushi for two on the way home.
This lovely tray holds a caterpillar roll, spider roll, scallop kiwi roll, and Douzo roll (named for the restaurant).
My rolls were the scallop kiwi and Douzo, which contains asparagus, crab, salmon and tuna. When I eat sushi with anyone else, we always get 4 rolls and share them. Derek is the only sushi companion I've ever had who wants his own rolls. He'll trade one or two pieces, but he's not into sharing everything. Should I take this as some sort of sign of what our marriage will be like??

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