Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fiesta! Fiesta!

My parents just returned from a visit to Mexico, so on the menu tonight was a Mexican Fiesta! On the drive out to their house (they live about a hour west of Boston) I snacked on a banana and a handful of almonds.

Once we arrived, I started my laundry and Derek took off on a long bike ride. I had some work to do (it never ends!) but managed to get in 3 miles on my mom's treadmill and 6MPH and 1% incline. I've heard that you should run at a slight incline if you're training on a treadmill to run outside - which I am! After the workout I dug up a snack/late lunch.

Nonfat yogurt, some of my mom's homemade granola, sliced strawberries, and raspberries. This granola is sooo good! I'm going to try to make some of my own soon for my morning breakfasts. After doing a little more work, we all got started on the fiesta! My contribution was margaritas (Derek's recipe of equal parts lime juice, good tequila, and triple sec) and guacamole.

The limes took a while to squeeze...
But it was worth it!
For dinner we had fish tacos - one of our favorites! Here's the table with all the fixings.

Corn tortillas, fried fish, pickled onions, lime slaw, baja cream, salsa verde, and my gauc! It was a delicious combination. I had 2 of these.

And 2 margaritas! For dessert, we whipped up some Mexican chocolate with milk for tasty hot chocolate. And added a shot of Kahlua. Along with chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

Here's the chocolate straight from Mexico.

And in my cup!
My parents brought me lots of this chocolate, so we will have plenty more! Along with a special wooden whisk for the chocolate, a tortillas press, and a little apron. I think I've had enough to eat and drink for tonight. Off to bed with me...good night!

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