Monday, March 16, 2009

Granola Crack

Seriously. This granola is crack. Just packing my lunch today I had to have a few bites! When I got to work I mixed the crack, I mean, granola with nonfat yogurt and sliced strawberries. I normally don't buy any berries in the winter, but I had some at my parent's house over the weekend and got a taste for them. These came from Florida, where they're in season - closer than Mexico!

A very yummy breakfast, with my big cup of earl grey.

For the first time in weeks, I got to have my usual sit down lunch in my friend Liz's office. It was very nice to spend a half hour away from my desk. And we both had wraps on Joseph's Whole Wheat Lavash!

Here's mine before I rolled it up in my kitchen.

In here is that tofu I made yesterday, lime cilantro slaw and pickled onions from this weekend's Fiesta, red and green peppers, and pea shoots.

I'm not the best wrapper - this got a little broken. But still tasted good! It was a little dry though. I intended to put avocado on it, my it wasn't ripe enough. That will be a good touch later in the week!

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