Monday, March 2, 2009

No snow here!

I made it to LA and I'm sooo glad I got out of Boston before the huge storm hit. Sounds like its a mess out there! Sorry to all my friends in Boston :) If it makes you feel any better, its a little drizzly in LA. And only like 70ยบ.

I was so anxious to get out last night, that I left for the airport really early, and then had like 2 hours to hang around at before my flight left. I was bored, so I ate. I got a small cup of chocolate chunk gelatto!

As you can see, we're back to the crappy iphone photos this week. I promise they will get better when I get home!

Since I couldn't just eat ice cream for dinner, I also got a bolocco burrito.

This was their "Bangkok" with tofu, lettuce, cucumbers, asian slaw, black beans (instead of rice), and a spicy peanut sauce. I ate about half before I got on the plane, and the other half in the air with a glass of chardonnay. I honestly felt a little ill after eating this and the gelatto - it was too much food for me!

I did manage to get some sleep on the plane, which was good since I didn't get to my hotel until 3AM LA time - which felt like 6AM to me! I slept for a few more hours then woke up at 7AM. I was able to hang around the hotel for a few hours this morning and order room service!

It was actually a little disappointing. I ordered the continental and added yogurt. I guess I should have asked for plain, cause this yogurt had way too much sugar AND high fructose corn syrup in it. Yuck. I ate it with berries anyway, cause I knew I would need the protein. Also had a pot of earl grey (I also forgot to ask for milk!) and nibbled at about half the croissant.

At the office we're working out of now, and getting ready to dig into a spread of yummy mexican food they have out for us.  This is going to be a long day.  Its not even 2 here and I'm ready to go back to bed!  must get more tea.

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  1. Step it up Gretchen!! Your blog followers (me) miss you!!!